United Soccer League

Frequently Asked Questions

What age group is my child?

The soccer calendar cut off date is July 31st, 2014 for the 2014-2015 season.  Your child's age on that day will determine which age group they will be placed in.  i.e. your child is 7 years old as of July 31st 2014 - He would be placed in the UNDER 8 age group (or U8), because he was UNDER 8 years old as of July 31st, 2014.  Another example:  Your child is 10 years old as of July 31st 2014 - She would be placed in the UNDER 11 age group (or U11), because she was Under 11 years old as of July 31st, 2014.  These age groups are effective for the entire 2014-2015 season (FALL AND SPRING).

Where are the games held?

  • Under 5 through Under 10  games are held  at Whispering Woods Park, located on 21 Mile Rd. between Van Dyke and Schoenherr (see FIELD MAPS LINK above for details).  
  • Under 11 through Under 12 games are held at Magahay Elementary (see FIELD MAPS link above for more details)
  • Under-14 games require light travel to fields in:  Romeo, Rochester, Waterford, Lake Orion, and Shelby.
  • What days are the games played?

  • Games are mostly played on Saturday Mornings/Early Afternoons and a few during the weeknights (about 3 weeknight games per 10 games).  Spring Season games will have more weeknight games (about 5 weeknight and 5 weekend games).

Where do we practice?

  • Practice locations are up to individual coaches, but are normally held at Utica Community Schools fields, where USL has permits to practice. (see field permits down below - bottom lower left corner of the homepage under SITE LINKS).  

Do I have to live in Shelby or Utica or Macomb in order to play in the United Soccer League?

  • No, however games and practices are held in these locations.

Why do we play small sided games and not 11 against 11 at the younger age groups?

  • Small sided games (3 v 3 for the Under-5, 4v4 for Under 6, 6 v 6 for the Under-8 and Under 10 and 8 v 8 for the Under-12) afford the players more touches on the ball, and a chance to make more decisions with the ball at their feet.  This leads to quicker player development and more enjoyment of the game. 

Why is the Fee to play just in the Spring $125 ($100 for Under-6)?

  • The fee reflects the fixed costs associated with registering a player, uniform costs, and insuring a player.  These fixed costs are the same for a half year or an entire year.

Where is skill training held?

  •  Skill training is held at Magahay Elementary 44700 Oleander Drive, Sterling Hts MI 48313 (South off Hall Road between Schoenherr and M53)

Who can come to skill training?

  • All USL players U5 to U14 

Is there a family discount plan?

  • Yes, there is a $10 discount for each additional child after the first one

What is the Refund Policy?

  • Refunds requested on or before March 1st, 2015  will be granted MINUS a $20 administrative fee.  ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS will be given if a request is made March 2nd, 2015 or later.

Can a team be made with 5 (or more) friends, or can my child play with a friend?

  • Players can request to play with friends, a coach, etc.  There are two special request fields when signing up.  Most of the 1st requests are granted, and several of the 2nd requests too!  We want to ensure that every player enjoys their experience in USL so we try our best to keep friends together as long as parity within the league does not suffer.